January 2020 E-magazine


Welcome to the first Tacoma RV E-magazine!  We hope in the coming months to inform and entertain you with new things we see in the industry, camping tips and tricks, fun places to travel and so much more!  So kick back, relax and let us know what you think!


In this issue:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Winterizing Your RV

  • New 2020 Cougars are Coming in HOT

  • Recipe of the Month:  Campfire Cinnamon Rolls  

  • Tips for Camping with Kids

  • Featured RV: Raptor with Side Patios (Video)

  • “You might be an RVer if…”


The Ultimate Guide to Winterizing Your RV

Winter’s hard on all of us, but it can be particularly hard on RVs. With lots of plumbing and areas for water and moisture to hide, winterizing your RV is a critical step in saving yourself a lot of expensive fixes once things start to thaw.

In this article, we list a step-by-step walk-through [read more]



New 2020 Cougars are Coming in HOT

from KeystoneRV.com

The new 2020 Cougar exterior design is sure to turn heads wherever you set up camp. The 2020’s high-gloss, brilliant white sidewalls and textured metal skirting is sharp, eye-catching and on-trend. Along with a fresh new exterior, Cougar welcoming two new floorplans to their bed slide travel trailer group—the 30RKD and the 29FKD. [read more]



Recipe of the Month:  Campfire Cinnamon Rolls 


Click here for the recipe.


Tips for Camping with Kids

from KZ RV

RVing lets your family function as a family while providing individual renewal and relaxation. Everyone has a better time when parents are flexible about chores, schedules, recreation, hobbies and location. Escaping from the daily grind is a refreshing change and a chance to learn something new. Whether you’re 5 or 95, everyone is delighted by a walking stick, a butterfly emerging from a cocoon or a magnificently starry sky. Your family can enjoy all these things – and much more – when you camp. [read more]



FEATURED RV: 2020 Keystone Raptor 429 Toy Hauler


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“You might be an RVer if…”

from KZ RV’s Family Forum

You might be an RVer if:

  • you understand Class A, B, C, 5W, & TT
  • you flush with your foot.
  • you worry about GVW of your truck.  UGH !!
  • you know what a “China bomb” is.
  • you can answer questions like “you might be an RVer”…