Real estate. Real relationships.

      Left to right: Terri Benish, Anju Mungra, and Vijya Patel.           Not pictured: Diana Sotelo..


You’ve made the decision to sell your home.  What matters to you is not so much the nuts and bolts of real estate, the “legalese”, or the thousand and one things that Realtors® do to make this happen.  What you care about is WHO will be taking care of me, and WHAT they can do to make the move a smooth and easy transition.  That way you can focus on the things that matter:  choosing a school that is right for the kids or finding a neighborhood that fits your life.  Most important, you are not looking for a property but a HOME where you can live and play and love for years to come. 

Or you may be looking for investment property.  You know your time is better spent concentrating on your business or a million other things.  You want a team to help you manage your real estate who will call you back quickly with the answers to your questions.

We get that.  That’s what we’ve done for over 30 years.  We base everything that we do everyday on the simple idea that we can untangle all the knots for you and help you find the place that works best for your life.

Here is our team.  Get to know us while we get to know you.


VIJYA PATEL, Managing Broker


Viyja gets it.  Her over 30 years as a Realtor® has taught her that the most important part of her professional life is how she treats each client.  Her initial approach is to keep silent and listen to you. Once she knows exactly what you want, Vijya will use her expertise to coach her team on the many ways we can serve your needs. 

Because of her experience, if you are selling, Vijya will help guide you through the process of finding the true value of your property.  And she will use her marketing expertise to reach the right kinds of buyers for your unique home.

Vijya knows how important community is, and she lives her beliefs.  As an active Rotarian, she is involved in many projects which serve the greater good.  Vijya also volunteers for Operation Night Watch, serving a population of people with no homes. 

Vijya is proud of her India heritage and culture, and she devotes many hours toward that community. 



XXXXX, Operations Coordinator


Everyone needs that behind-the-scenes person who is responsible for all the little details.  XXXX is our go-to person for all things regarding the property from start to finish. 

Once someone has moved away, XXXX starts the process of prepping the property for sale.  As our Project Manager, she has her hand in multiple tasks during the process, making sure our extended team stays on schedule and on budget.   

XXXX is definately hands-on.  She sets up the lock box. She meets with our extended team on-site to let them into the property. She works with our concierge, giving them detailed instructions on showing the home.   She also manages the staging and coordinates photos for the home.

If we need something done to “show off” your property, XXXX is the one who will make it happen.




Diana knows documents.  Once you have made the decision to sell, Diana will send you all the paperwork necessary to put your home on the market.

When the time comes for a buyer to transition from “I love it!” to “I’ll take it!!”,  Diana is your gal.  She takes care of all the paperwork for the actual sale of your home.   When we have found a buyer for your current property and we go into pending status, Diana then hands over the contract to our transaction processor, the legal expert who will handle the paperwork and timelines until your current home closes.

Living the “real relationships” part of our agency, we want to make sure someone is always available to give you answers when you call or email.  If Vijya is unavailable for any reason, whether you are buying or selling, Diana will work closely with you to answer your questions as quickly as possible.  



Anju Mungra, Property Management Specialist


Many of our clients seek us out to obtain investment property.  They enjoy the benefits of real estate investing, and they do not wish to deal with the day-to-day tasks.  As the head of Property Management for Madison Avenue Realty LLC, Anju is the person on our team who will take care of your tenant’s daily needs.

Anju spends her day showing rental properties, processing applications, producing leases, handling work orders, speaking with cranky (and sometimes nice) tenants, processing rental payments, taking care of deposits for homeowners and so much more. 

Anju has extensive knowledge of investment and rental property.  She works closely with the Rental Housing Authority of Washington to make sure you as a landlord are always in compliance.



Our Extended Team


In addition to our regular staff, we work with a network of professionals to aid you in selling your current home and to help you with your transition. 

Need a handyperson to fix everything on your “To Do List” that you’ve been meaning to do before you move?  Need to paint a room or redo the hardwoods before you list your house?  Feeling overwhelmed and need someone to help you organize for the move?  We can help you with that!

We have worked with our extended team a lot, and we know the quality of their work.  You have the peace of mind knowing that whatever task you ask us to do or help you do, our extended team will deliver.





Contact us today.  Let’s start our relationship together.