We recover lost and/or inaccessible data from all types of media devices, such as internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory sticks, regardless of which operating system, Mac, Windows, or Linux, you use. We strive to be efficient, cutting edge, and cost-effective.


EC Technology Solutions specializes in the following data recovery services:


  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • RAID Data Recovery

  • SSD Data Recovery

  • Apple Mac Recovery

  • Flash Memory Recovery

  • Emergency Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Repair


To minimize permanent file damage, take the following steps as soon as you notice signs of data loss:


  • Turn your media off

  • Immediately disconnect power to your device by unplugging it or by using its power switch. Do not shut down hard drives, flash drives, and other devices normally, as this may overwrite data and make it more difficult to conduct a successful hard drive repair. Clients who follow this advice greatly increase their odds of successful data retrieval.

  • Do not run data recovery software: Commercial programs can damage your device if used improperly or if your media has physical damage.

  • Contact EC Technology Solutions: Our certified Seattle area data recovery experts can provide a risk-free media evaluation, providing you with a price quote, turnaround estimate, and list of recoverable files. If you accept our quote, we can start treating your case right away.